How to Remove Acne Scars Have Traditionally

Acne is a skin disease that is not harmful, but its appearance is not desirable, especially for women because it can reduce the beauty. Moreover, if the polynomial. After the acne is gone, there is still not in the desired effect which leaves a mark like pockmarks or holes acne scars, the effects seem less face becomes beautiful.

Sun Noon Causes Skin Cancer

VIVAnews - Sunlight in the morning is very good for the health of all ages. But note the time you and your family are exposed to direct sunlight. Children are exposed to the sun during the heat susceptible to skin cancer later in life.

Reye Syndrome

Definition of Reye's Syndrome
Reye's syndrome (RS) is primarily a disease of children, although it can occur at any age. It affects all organs of the body namin is the most dangerous in the brain and liver - causing an acute increase of pressure in the brain and, often accumulation of fat mass in the liver and other organs.

Lime Natural Skin Lightening

Many benefits can be taken from the lemon. One of them is to make the skin become white and smooth. This benefit would be good news for women who crave white and smooth skin. How to use it, what other benefits of orange juice? Among the 1300 species of orange, lemon or that the scientific language is called Citrus Aurantium, has the most benefit.


Cataract is a cloudiness in the lens of the eye that causes vision problems.

In many cases, the cause is unknown.


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