Sun Noon Causes Skin Cancer

VIVAnews - Sunlight in the morning is very good for the health of all ages. But note the time you and your family are exposed to direct sunlight. Children are exposed to the sun during the heat susceptible to skin cancer later in life.

Cancer experts say that children should be taught to protect the skin from the sun early on, especially while in school. Recent research found nearly 40 percent of the students suffered sunburn while at school.

As reported in the Daily Mail, nearly half of parents of 1,000 parents reported that their children burned by the sun while at school. Child's skin is very sensitive to sunlight. This makes them vulnerable to skin cancer later in life.

Richard Clifford, an alliance member of the UK Skin Cancer charity (Scuk), said that children who are too often exposed to sunlight will get a lot of health problems later in life. "It's important for them to use sunscreen and sunblock to reduce risk."

According to him, it is very important for the school to take the role. Teachers should remind their students to not only use sunblock but also use a hat when outside the room.

Although only half of parents who reported it, 45 percent of them do not worry about this disease. In fact, malignant skin cancers such as malignant melanoma has killed two thousand people every year.

"The sting of the sun on a child's skin can double the risk of skin cancer in the future," said Dr Andrew Wright, consultant dermatologist at St Luke's Hospital, Bradford.

In Indonesia alone, skin cancer is increasing from year to year. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight that is responsible for the damage skin cells and trigger the development of cancer occurs in the long term.

Although the Indonesian people benefited by having brown-black pigment that protects skin from ultraviolet rays, the sun burned continually course will increase the risk of skin cancer, especially for children.

However, it does not mean the child should be completely protected from the sun because at certain hours, such as in the morning, the sunlight is very good for growing children. Morning sunlight can stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D is important for bone health, immune system.

In the span of 10 am to 4 pm, children are encouraged to avoid the sun. Because, at regular intervals tersebutlah sunlight contains many harmful ultraviolet rays.


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