Liver Damage Process

Normal liver smooth and supple to the touch. When the liver infected with a disease (eg Hepatitis C), the liver becomes swollen. Liver cells begin to secrete enzymes alanine aminotransferase into the blood. With this condition your doctor can tell if your liver is damaged or not. When the enzyme concentration was higher than normal, it is a sign of liver from damage. When liver disease develops, changes and liver damage increases.


After the swell, the liver tries to repair by forming the former
injury or minor scarring. Grate is called "fibrosis", which makes the liver more difficult to function. While damage to walk, the more scar formed and began to merge, the next stage is called "cirrhosis".

Damage to the recurrent, large areas of damaged liver can become permanently and become sore. Blood can not flow properly in the damaged liver tissue. Hearts began to shrink and become hard. Chronic hepatitis C can cause cirrhosis usually the same as consuming excess alcohol.

Damaged heart function.
As cirrhosis worsens, the liver can not filter out impurities, toxins, and drugs that exist in the blood. Heart no longer can produce the "clotting factors" to stop the bleeding. Body fluids are formed in the abdomen and legs, bleeding in the colon is common, and usually slows mental function. At this point, liver transplant is the only choice.

Liver cancer.
Sometimes damage to liver cells followed by gene changes in cells which can become cancerous. Patients with chronic hepatitis C have a higher risk to suffer from "hepatocellular carcinoma, a type of liver tumor.

Prevention of Liver Damage
Cirrhosis can be stopped and sometimes can be prevented. For patients with chronic hepatitis C, is very important to prevent further damage to the liver where the cirrhosis worse. Additionally, if your hepatitis C sufferers avoid alcohol completely. Also, do not drink alcohol with acetaminophen (a drug content of headaches and flu), because when consumed together can cause the condition of "fulminant hepatitis", which can cause liver function completely destroyed.


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