Natural Medicine for High Blood

High blood pressure or hypertension is closely linked to increased heart attacks and strokes. Causes of high blood pressure, among others, the hardening and blockage of arteries. Diseased blood vessels become narrow, so that the heart requires more pressure to pump blood to the blood vesselsI will try to peel it in the post "Natural Medicine for High Blood".

Some natural medicine that abortion can be reduced even treat high blood diseases, among others:

1. Bay (Syzygium polyanthum)
Benefits: lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, lowers high blood sugar levels.

2. Seaweed (Laminaria japonica)
Benefitsmenormalkan tekanan darah, menurunkan kolesterol tinggi, mencegah aterosklerosis.

3. Cucumber
Benefits: High mineral content of potassium is useful for reducing high blood pressure, and is useful also to reduce kidney stones.

4. Cantaloupe
Benefits: Same with cucumbers that are rich in potassium content, both to reduce high blood pressure and also good for kidney problems / bladder.
Some fruits / plants that have the same content with cucumber / cantaloupe: peach or peaches, strawberries, raspberries, turnip leaves and wheat grass.

5. Morinda Citrifolia
Benefits: Lowering high cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels.

6. Meeting Black (Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb.)

Benefits: Circulation and dilute blood clot, neutralizes toxins in the body.

7. Garlic
Benefits: Lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol, destroying the blood clotting.

8. Onions
Benefits: Have the same efficacy with garlic.

This is a natural remedy for high blood very much we found. in order to maintain our body's health and the health of our beloved family. This may be useful.


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