Health Maintaining femininity with Milk

Who does not crave a healthy body and the fragrant? It must not exist. This also applies to women's intimate areas.

Intimate areas of a healthy and happy couples are not only fragrant, but also can boost the confidence question. Many ways to make intimate areas remain in prime condition.
There are doing in various ways, washed with water betel or diligent washing with antiseptic solution. Really like that?

Wait a minute. It turned out that the use of betel leaf boiled water or antiseptic solution to intimate areas of women is not recommended. Why? Because both are bakterisid aka kill all microbes, regardless of the good bacteria (normal flora of the vagina) or bacterial pathogens (derogatory). If this goes on and on, not a healthy condition obtained in intimate areas of women, but on the contrary, there could be infection.

According to Doctor Junita Indarti SpOG, obstetricians and disease content of Cipto Mangunkusumo / FKUI reveal vaginal infection due to disruption of ecosystem balance in the area.

Vaginal ecosystem itself, continued physician Junita, is the circle of life found in the vagina, is influenced by two main elements namely estrogen and bacteria Lactobacillus (good bacteria). "If the balance of the ecosystem is disrupted, the bacteria will die Lactobacillus and pathogenic bacteria to grow. that there is a natural mechanism to be disrupted so that the body vulnerable to infection," said the doctor Junita.

Many factors cause vaginal ecosystem imbalances, namely oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, antibiotic use, menstrual blood, seminal fluid, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching) and hormonal disorders (puberty, menopause or pregnancy).

So, keep the vaginal ecosystem balance is the most natural and effective in treating vaginal health and prevent infection. How do I? You should see this one: A clinical trial conducted in the clinic Cytology Cipto Mangunkusumo prove the health benefits of milk extract of the vagina. Milk? Has it occurred to you?

Apparently, the milk contains active substances in extracts into lactic acid and laktoserum which is clinically proven to reduce complaints of itching, burning and vaginal discharge in the vagina. "Our study of 71 cases fluor albus (white) with symptoms of itching, burning and itching vaginal discharge showed a reduction of 86.1%, 87.5% reduction burning and discharge reduction 81.1% after patients were treated with a solution of acid lactate and laktoserum twice a day for two weeks, "said a doctor Junita.
From the results of clinical trials concluded that lactic acid and laktoserum beneficial because it reduces complaints of vaginal discharge and inhibit the growth of fungus (candida) and dermatophytes (fungi).

So how to get the milk extract of lactic acid and laktoserum, whether to do the first fermentation? wah, need not be complicated. If you want the results of which have become and stay put there Lactacyd are sold freely on the market.

According to doctors Diana Komara, Medical Advisor Lactacyd, Lactacyd cleaning fluid are different from female cleaners who have been there, nor a common antibiotic, so it does not kill normal vaginal flora, but actually increase its growth because it provides good food for these bacteria.

"In addition to maintaining the normal acidity of pH 3.8 to 4.2, Lactacyd prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms that may cause complaints of itching and unpleasant odor," said doctor Diana.


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