Cough Types and Causes - Coughing is a common disease that we experience daily. To overcome this, we used to buy ordinary medicines at a pharmacy or supermarket. In fact, different types of cough, also different ways of treatment. Or at least, the type of cough medicine that must be purchased. If the cough does not go away, we should immediately go to the doctor for a more appropriate given the drug.

To give you more to recognize the type of cough you experience, recognize the difference of the sound generated.

Whooping cough.
A cough that often ends with a voice like want to vomit when we take a breath. Cough is caused by bacteria such as pertussis, which can be transmitted through the spark discharge from the nose or mouth of infected people, who can come out because of sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

Congested cough (croup).
Cough with harsh breath sounds, like there is mucus in the chest. The voice that arises is the result of swelling around the vocal cords (larynx) and windpipe. Usually caused by a virus.

Hacking cough.
Cough with a loud voice and make the stomach join pain, usually worse at night. Could be due to common colds, bronchiolitis, or asthma.

Productive cough / cough wet.
Coughing is often accompanied by ripples or mucus, which is usually caused by infection or asthma.

Cough bronchiolitis.
Followed by a loud cough that sounds like whistling while breathing. Coughing like this are usually caused by a viral infection that occurs in the small airways in the lungs called bronchioles. Other causes are asthma.


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