12 Women's Disease

In a booklet that presented kartini summarized 12 diseases that are often experienced by women. Here's what you need to know: 

1. Cystitis or bladder inflammation

Symptoms are frequent urination and pain accompanied. How to prevent avoid holding urine and clean the sex organs with clean water and frequent change of underwear.

2. Anemia
Symptoms are characterized by a state or condition of sluggish, tired, tired, weak, less vibrant and pale. How to prevent perbanya eat vegetables that contain iron such as cassava leaves, spinach, mustard greens, kale and beans

3. Whitish
The symptoms are marked with a white discharge from female organs that yellow-green, sticky, smelly and itchyHow to try to prevent female organs are always on the dry before dressing and use in dry clothing that absorbs sweat.

4. Frigidity

Marked with the women who remain "cool" even get a great stimulus. This situation makes women unable to enjoy sex. How to cope with psychiatric consultation to fund live therapy to relieve frigidity.

5. Osteoporosis

Usually experienced by women after menopause due to decreasing estrogen hormom. Reduced bone density makes bones brittle easy. How to prevent it is linked with walking speed 4.5 km / per hour for 50 minutes, 5 times a week and multiply the consumption of calcium.

6. Ingredients down
The causes of weak pelvic floor or often give birthHow to prevent being forced straining during defecation and to avoid lifting things too heavy.

7. Stress
The cause pressure or insistent problem in a long time to make someone become stressfulHow to cope with difficulties talking with people closest to relieve the burden on the mind and forget about problems for a while after it is solved with calm.

8. Premenstrual syndrome

Symptoms occur before menstruation, such as abdominal pain, dizziness, swollen breasts, body lethargy, irritability, decreased appetite and legs feel heavyHow to minimize the incidence of complaints that a few days before menstruation reduce consumption of salt and soda. Also do the diet to lose weight and exercise routine.

9. Amenorrhoea

Women of childbearing age will be getting your period regularly every month. But sometimes there are 3 months or later got my period. Abnormal menstrual cycle is called amenorrhoeaThe reason, breastfeeding, contraception and menopauseHow to cope depends on the cause. If overweight, lower the weight to achieve ideal body weight.

10. Migraine

Trigger factors, such as stress, chocolate, coffee, sleep excess or lack of sleep, lack of food, changes in weather or air pressure, excessive emotion, odor, cigarette smoke, before or during menstruation. Migraine can be treated with usual headache medicine or rest.

11. Breast cancer
How to avoid stress prevention, fatty foods, smoking and alcohol. Expand Vegetable, fruit-biahan and sports.

12. Decrease in platelets
Abnormalities in blood clotting cells. Marked with red spots on the skin until the rash bluish. Relapse triggers are tired and stressedprecautions to avoid fatigue. When you feel tired you should rest. Also avoid stress.


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