Prostate Cancer

In Indonesia, including in ten prostate cancer malignant disease in men. Prostate disorders, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH can be a risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, prevention efforts as early as possible is needed.

According to experts, issues sexology, Dr. Naek L. Tobias, the prostate is one part of the male genital which contains muscles and glands. It lies below the urinary bag and in front of the rectum (anus). Prostate function formed part of semen and prostaglandin.

Part genital other men is the penis, testicles that produce hormones and sperm, and seminal vescula. Disorders of the prostate there are two types. Prostatitis and BPH-RPM is often called benign prostate enlargement.

Prostatitis, a disorder in which acute and chronic prostate so it is difficult to treat. Due to this disturbance, a man will experience erectile dysfunction due to illness. The impact of more distant, sexual desire will also be decreased. Men who suffer from this disorder, at the time of ejaculation would feel the pain. While the bloody ejaculation.

While BPH or enlarged prostate will arise as we age. Because BPH is closely related to the aging process. About 30 percent of BPH patients are men aged 40 years. While 50 to 75 percent of people aged 80 years.

Disorders BPH occurs because the prostate gland enlarges and eventually clamp the urinary tracts. Level can be mild to severe. There are some early signs of prostate enlargement problems. Among post-urination (BAK) is not discharged urine, frequent urination (less than two hours).

Patients with prostate disorders of this type also can not withhold or delay the urination. However, when it was urinating, the current is weak. Patients also often wake up the night to urinate. In the end this interference resulted in a total blockage of urine.

Overcome with herbs
Overcoming and preventing prostate disorders can be done by eating a natural herbal. The famous and has been tested is a herb Saw palmetto, nettle root, and Pumpkin Seed extract.

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a plant that resembles a palm. These plants come from Florida, USA. The fruit of this plant has been used since the late 1980s for the treatment of various conditions related to male urinary tract disorders.

Results of research conducted by Urologial Science Research Foundation states that this herb may help maintain healthy prostate gland and smooth urination.

Saw palmetto contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, sitosterol, and polysakarida which can inhibit the enzyme testosterone 5 alpha reductase, thereby reducing prostate enlargement and increase the smoothness of urination.

Nettle Root beneficial to inhibit the hormone androgen into dihidrostestosteron change as the cause of an enlarged prostate and become abnormal. While Pumpkin seeds contain essential fatty acids which inhibit the buildup of cholesterol in the prostate and prevent inflammation.

This herb is also added as an antioxidant betacarotene element to protect the essential fatty acids and concentrates Citrus Bioflavonoids are beneficial to give additional Phytofactors ie, compounds that are beneficial to health.

Androgen hormones thought to trigger prostate cancer, use of testosterone without a significant indication should be avoided. Eating habits, exercise and lifestyle affect the incidence of prostate disorders in man. For example, increased consumption of fats and dairy products are considered to increase the incidence of prostate cancer risk. Dairy products are products which are rich in calcium content.

Consuming high levels of calcium can cause changes in the metabolism of vitamin D a person's body, which produce lower levels of active circulating vitamin D. If used to consume milk products in high-level, risk 3 times higher suffering from prostate cancer and 5-fold higher risk to have a malignant prostate cancer that can spread to other body parts.

Meanwhile, high consumption of foods containing fructose (mostly from fruits), can reduce the risk for prostate cancer. So eating fruits in a number more likely to be used as a form of precaution against the possibility of prostate cancer.

Soy milk contains isoflavones, and many researchers say that it can prevent prostate enlargement. Consuming more soy milk more than a glass a day may reduce the risk by 70% to suffer from prostate cancer. Vitamin A is one group of antioxidant compounds that can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Other things you can do to avoid pembesran prostate, among others, exercise regularly, do not consume alcoholic beverages, drinking water at least eight glasses a day and reduce consumption of meat and animal fat, since fat content can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

In Prostate Cancer Screening
With the growing development of medical science, including knowledge about cancer, it is known that prevent cancer in early stages is far better than expected recovery in the later stages. This means the level of mortality and morbidity is also automatically be declined. It also applies to prostate cancer. There are two main populations that are usually the target of prostate cancer prevention. First, to those who are undergoing treatment for the disease-related or not with prostate cancer, usually called case finding. Secondly, performed on a specific population, usually called a screening.

Preventive action in the form of tests, both in case finding or screening, proved very useful in prostate cancer therapy, especially when found at an early stage. With the discovery as early as possible there is a possibility for eliminating the causes of the disease in question.

Prostate cancer screening procedures are applied at this time are:
  1. A general physical examination including genital and abdominal ekterna
  2. Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) or digital rectal examination
  3. Prostate specific antigen test (PSA), after explaining the implications of the test to patients
Peningkatan kadar PSA lebih dari 20% per tahun menguatkan perlunya biopsi untuk menentukan ada/tidaknya kanker.

PSA is a single chain glycoprotein consisting of 237 amino acids and four carbohydrate side chains. PSA present in the cells of asini sekretik so that PSA is a substance the prostate-specific organ (prostate), and therefore can be found in normal prostate, prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. PSA levels in serum depending on the size (volume) of the prostate. In benign enlarged prostate, PSA is derived from the transitional zone, but the prostate cancer becomes much higher.

In serum PSA levels are usually measured by Radio Immuno Assay (RIA). PSA in serum can also be raised in circumstances such as inflammation (prostatitis), actions catheter placement, digital rectal examination or Cystoscopy and TURP (Trans urethra resection of the Prostate). While in the prostate tissue, PSA can be identified by immunoperoxidase staining on preparations pathology. PSA levels are useful to follow disease progression of prostate cancer on response to treatment or surgery has been performed. However, because the increase in PSA can also occur after prostate biopsy, tranuretral resection (TURP), urinary tract infections, urinary retention and ejaculation, then to avoid the errors of measurements, better measurement of PSA was performed 1 month after the above actions.

Screening can be performed on people with criteria:
  1. Men aged over 50 years
  2. Men aged over 40 years when having a family history of prostate cancer or derived from Afro-Caribbia race
  3. All the men who asked for the PSA test (after consultation)
  4. The discovery of cases, prior to screening
  5. Patients with prostate cancer who were conducting maintenance
  6. Before doing therapy for BPH
  7. Follow-up tests in patients with BPH
A study in the United States, has proved that not only prostate cancer screening can find prostate cancer at an early stage of development and with a frequency of more discoveries, but also reduce the likelihood of cancer development to a more deadly stage.


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