Treatment for Allergies

In identifying an allergy there is one program in allergy treatment that has been proposed. Including how to overcome, appropriate treatment, treatment for immune.

1. How to avoid
Case / symptoms of allergies can also be avoided or shunned. As with food allergies can be avoided. pet can we move from home or avoid it, clean the area around where we live. some cases of symptoms that can not be avoided but can be reduced as openly plants (flowers), house dust, newspapers (print), this all is the case most often occurs in adults and children.

Environmental factors
Reduce and modify open environment that is very troublesome.

Allergy to dust
  • Using the inhaler air with high qualities
  • Maintaining humidity
  • Children games
  • Avoiding carpet materials and home furnishings cover unused
  • Allergies on the mattress and pillow
  • Floor cleaners and vacuum / cleaner to dust
Allergies in pets
This makes the most special places. as a boundary around the animal shelter and had the work to keep your pet.

Allergies to plants or plant
Using a mouth cover (mask) when moving plants, swapping clothes after moving plants, treatment with the spray in the nose or tdak perform any activity.

Allergies to foods that have long kept
  • Reduce humidity in the growth of fungi
  • Reduce planting plants around the house (residence)
  • Never leave wet clothes in the washing machine, must be dried
  • Dry the bathroom after a shower
  • Install the fan and make ventilation in the bathroom
2. Treatment

Treatment is often done to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of allergies. This includes one streoid spray on the nose, drugs and antihistamine tablets. which is not always effective in controlling the symptoms of this allergy.

3. Treatment for immune
How it works on the treatment for is to replace the body's immune system / immune response, one of which triggers the allergic dalah. Just like anything, if you are allergic to dust. Treatment of your immune system can prevent you from dust reaction after prolonged treatment duration.

In the training of medical treatment for this immunity is very effective and safe. Recently the medical world in the development of the sublingual (oral) has made ​​an equipment hassle free and very precise. The best results can be seen allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma in patients who are still under treatment. Children from 3 years to start this treatment after doctors had confirmed them whether there is allergy or not.

Doctor Pang has a very good experience in using the body's immune fatherly treatment allergy treatment.

To obtain an accurate interpretation about the condition of your allergies, you can consult in Section Specialist Ear, Nose and throat Singapore Dr.YT Pang at the Center for Allergy Section Ear, Nose, Throat and Snoring is known (CENTAS).


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